Curated Playlists

Spring Into Spring | Playlist

Spring is here! 

Or.. is it summer?

We can't keep track with all of the craziness Mother Nature has been throwing our way, but that doesn't mean that you won't find us soaking in every inch of sun that shines through those Edmonton clouds. Tune into this uplifting playlist for your next at-home yoga practice, or a playlist we've found that we can't stop hitting repeat on. 


Beats by Babes | 2018 International Women's Day Playlist

International Women's Day

For over a century, March 8th has become globally recognized as a day to celebrate the achievements women have accomplished throughout their struggle for equality. As a tribute to all the strong and empowering women in our Yogalife community, and everywhere else in the world, we have created this playlist by women for women. 

Turn your volume up, and get ready to get loud. 


Every girl and every woman has the potential to make this world a better place, and that potential lies in the act of thinking higher thoughts and feeling deeper things. When women and girls, everywhere, begin to see themselves as more than inanimate objects; but as beautiful beings capable of deep feelings and high thoughts, this this has the capacity to create change all around. The kind of change that is for the better.
— - C. JoyBell C.

Teacher Playlist | Suzi's Most Requested


If you've ever attended one of Suzi's classes, you know that every beat in every song was chosen for a reason.

"This playlist is a combination of some of my most requested music and new jams that I’m listening to in my own personal practice. It is structured just like my hot flow classes. It builds in energy and beat from a gentle flow to hard and fast strength and core, and finishes with a slow and yin like cool down to a lullaby for savasana." - Suzi

Monthly Beats: Christmas Flow

If you're like me, you cannot get enough of the Christmas holidays. 'Tis the season for fuzzy blankets, bottomless cups of tea, and watching Elf on an endless loop.

For those wanting to practice a slow flow, but caught between weathering the winter woes outside and staying in by the warm fireplace, hit play on this perfectly curated Christmas setlist and let the season be bright.