Yogalife Story


Yogalife founder Caren Hui began practicing yoga in 2004. She had a hard time getting started, finding that the classes weren't as accessible and times were limited. She found that her life changed as she developed her regular practice and experienced the life changing qualities that yoga offers. Her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga led her to build an alternative yoga experience in Edmonton. Keeping her early challenges in mind, her goal was create a studio that makes it easy for anyone to get started and develop a solid foundation for a life long practice. Yogalife has become a leader in yoga, health and wellness, offering high quality classes for all levels. Our vision and passion has led Yogalife to open a second studio in only 2 short years.



About Yogalife


Yogalife's vision is simple. Make it easy for anyone to experience the benefits that yoga has to offer. To achieve this, we created a beautiful facility, hand-picked instructors, and created an environment with spa-like amenities. For the experienced yogi, we offer a variety of challenging classes, inspiring workshops, and opportunities to learn from master teachers. For beginners, we offer basic yoga classes that are accessible to all levels and workshops that explore the fundamentals of developing a strong practice. There is a broad world of yoga within our walls, waiting to be explored.


Our goal is to make you fall in love with this entire life experience. Be part of our community and live the practice that will enhance your quality of life.