Whether you've been to a couple of classes, come regularly or have not stepped foot into a studio in your life. We're all still figuring out how our bodies need more love, more strength, or more of something- and going to a regular yoga class just isn't giving you that insight. 

This is an opportunity to connect with someone who can lead you through a practice and discover what your body needs, needs more of, or where alignments might be skewed.

Book yourself in to see an instructor who can watch your body, give you verbal or hands on adjustments if you want, to help you gain more body awareness. 


In-Studio One Hour Pricing Estimates:

  • One on One: $85.00

  • 2 - 16 People: $150.00

  • 17-26 People: $250.00

  • 27+ People: $350.00

All prices subject to change according to individual teacher pricing and class lengths.


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