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Get to know Dawn McCorry


Dawn has been teaching at Yogalife since 2012. She loves the playful, loving, welcoming environment at Yogalife Studios. Dawn mostly teaches and practices at the North studio, but enjoys teaching her Mommy & Me class at South each week. She loves having her students feel quiet, connected, and relaxed at the end of a practice. Dawn is also the Mom to three very busy hockey playing boys and a Certified Birth Doula. She is looking forward to working on her 500 hr teaching training this year. Side note: we're looking forward to when she brings in cookies! (her gingerbread yoga-shaped ones were a serious hit this holiday season)


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  How did you get your yogic start? Who brought you to your first class, what was that like, and where was it?

I started practicing yoga in 2005. I was looking for a way to heal and regain strength from my first pregnancy, yoga seemed like a great fit. My twin sister, Donna, and I went to our first class together at Shanti Yoga Studio in downtown Edmonton. The instructor was Zoe Stikeman, she was absolutely fantastic, so kind and knowledgeable. It was a beginner Hatha class, I remember feeling so comfortable on my mat right from the very beginning. What I wasn't expecting was how calm I felt right away. I discovered it was something that I was really yearning for in my daily life. Zoe has since moved to Toronto, if you are ever in the area, look for her classes!

Share a favourite quote, lesson, or teaching that inspires you.

'Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air' Ralph Waldo Emerson

'Heart in Hand, Feet on Ground' Jann Arden

'Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.' Howard Thurman

What's your favourite music to practice to (or do you prefer silence!?)

I love Wah!, Garth Stevenson, Mumford and Sons, and sometimes a little old school hip hop to get my booty shaking in a downward facing dog. ;)

Your favourite books, yogi-inspired and fiction.

Any of the BKS Iyengar books Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates Secrets of Meditation by davidji How to Practice the Way to a Meaningful Life by Dalai Lama All books written by Ina May Gaskin All books by Ray Long The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

For Fiction The Birth House by Ami McKay The Green Mile by Stephen King I am currently reading the Harry Potter series to my youngest son.


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Tell us about your first teacher training.

My first teacher training was with Clare Newman at Mamata Yoga. I actually did my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training before I did my 200 hr. I knew that was what I wanted to specialize in. It was amazing, I wanted the weekends to last forever. I then went on to do my 200 hr a few months later with Clare after I completed my RPYT Training. I connected with fellow students in those trainings that will be my life long friends. Yoga Teacher Training has a huge impact on your life and I am forever changed because of it.

Where's your favourite vacation spot?

Anywhere near the ocean. I am a water baby, it is quite funny that I currently live in land locked Alberta. But one day I will live near the sea.

What is your favourite meal to make and share with friends?

I love cooking lasagna, chili, and stew. Any type of comfort food that warms you up from the inside out. I also like baking cookies.

What's the coolest experience you've ever had with a student?

Any time that my prenatal students come back to me to talk about their birth experiences and say how their yoga practice effected it in a positive way.

What's your favourite pose/sequence/area of the body to work on?

I really like to do a head to toe practice, with a bit of focus on a specific area of the body. I used to experience chronic lower back pain, which has disappeared after I started practicing yoga. So I really enjoy any postures that can strengthen my back.

Who inspires you?

My boys, they inspire me to do good in the world, to make it a better place for them to grow up in. As well as strong women who stand up for what they need and what they believe in.

What is your favourite festival to attend?

I had a fantastic time at Wanderlust 108 this year. I used to go to Big Valley Jamboree every year, it used to be like a big community out there every year. You would run into the same people year after year.

If you could study with one person who would it be and why?

In terms of my Yoga practice, Seane Corn. I love her honest attitude and strong practice. Her Off the Mat and Into the World organization is doing amazing things. I was able to attend a couple of her workshops a few years ago, they were brilliant.

For my Birth Doula role, Ina May Gaskin and Penny Simkin. They are both extremely knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth.

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What is the best concert you've ever been to?

This is a hard one, I love live music. This past summer was really great with the Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, and Taylor Swift always puts on a unreal show. Garth Brooks in Vegas a few years ago was a dream come true for me. But really any concert that I am with my friends and family dancing and singing loud is fantastic!

Where's the next place you want to travel?

I really want to take my boys to Disney World. (perfectly located by the ocean ;) ) My dream vacation is an African Safari.

Share your favourite self-healing practice.

Meditation, whether is it is for 5 minutes or 30. It always centers me.

Share one of your life goals.

To raise strong, independent, sensitive, kind, fair men.