from our teacher training grads

The Yogalife Teacher Training was the launching pad for a life changing experiance. It was an experiance of not doing just yoga but learning how to live by yoga. My everyday life now revolves around yoga; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit for me and at the most divine timing. The universe gave me exactly what I had been asking for. I went in thinking I would enhance my fitness background, and came out with a whole life enhancment. It was the perfect balance of yoga philosophy, anatomy, learning asanas (poses) and practicing them, learning how to teach and sequence a class, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, mantras, and many styles of pranayama (breathing techniques). We were so lucky we even had many guest speakers come to our training to deepend our knowledge of Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Ayurveda . My teachers, Sarah Zandbeek and Stephen Thomas, went above and beyond sharing their immense knowledge and wisdom to prepare us to have a successful career and a more fulfilling yoga practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in dissecting yoga and learning the many contrasts yoga can offer. I can honestly say that this experience has forever changed my life.
— Hamida D.

I would highly encourage anyone who is passionate about yoga to be a part of this program. Yogalife provides a beautiful, safe and inviting space for learning. Sarah (& all of the guest teachers as well) are knowledgeable and skilled in transferring that knowledge to you in such a way that will leave you confident to teach yet thirsty for more to learn.

Through this program, I feel confident in my home practice and teaching. I also now have a support group of like-minded individuals (and friends) to share in the love of yoga. If you feel the call to teach, I encourage you to take this program. It was one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself.
— Rose B.

If your thinking of doing it...then do it! Don’t push it off or wait to a better time, it will all work out. I spent weeks debating if I should do this YTT program. Then I just listened to myself...I really wanted to do it and I was able to make payments and my work was accommodating with the YTT schedule. The Program is stretched out over 4 months, provides time for learning, adsorbing, and questions to develop for the next weekend together.

It’s amazing to see how everyone is at the start vs the end and the journey, learning, self discovery, personal growth and friendships that occurs along the way.

What I learned is that I can definitely teach a yoga class and a good one at that. My approach maybe different than others as I’m working with dyslexia. I have anxiety issues but I can share my passion for yoga with others as I know how yoga has helped me with my anxiety.

Fantastic group of core yoga teachers and guest yoga teachers all with their own areas of speciality! Sarah with hatha, yin and restorative, Stephen hatha, Pranayama. Great guest lecturers Ian Hayward for Ayurveda and Neil Dhal for yoga philosophy.

The only thing I personally wish is that it was longer...200hrs really goes by fast...maybe a 500hr YTT as I wasn’t ready to stop learning!
— Crystal L.

Nothing can bring such an eclectic group of people together so tightly the way yoga teacher training has done. The group of teachers gathered provided each of us high points of learning we were looking for and turned us on to so much more to explore. We left forever teachers, forever students and forever grateful for the experience.
— Jodie H.