check in with us before you cancel.

We know life can get a tad crazy, and time may not always be on your side when it comes to yoga.

If you feel like you’re not getting the best value for how often you come to class, we’re always open to chatting about your pass/membership options and can help you make a shift if it will better serve your schedule and maintain your practice.

Speak to our Guest Experience Advisors in person or over the phone, or feel free to contact us online.

Use the form below to submit a cancellation request for your Monthly Membership, 5 classes/month or One Year Membership. All Cancellation requests must be submitted through this online form.

Note that we require at least 72 hours advance notice to review and process requests. Requests received less than 72 hours in advance will be processed as soon as possible but without guarantee of matching your requested cancellation date or preventing a scheduled Monthly membership billing.

Requests for exceptions to Cancellation policy can be submitted by online form, however they are not guaranteed and will be reviewed on a by-case basis only.

Once your request is reviewed, you will be contacted by our Guest Experience Advisor to confirm the details of your cancellation.


just need to take some time off? 

We get it. Life can get unavoidably busy from time to time. If you’re about to set off on a lengthy vacation, or you just need a break, check with our membership team to see how a suspension might work best for you and your account before you cancel.